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Max-Cast, Inc.
P.O. Box 662
Kalona, Iowa 52247

tel: 1-8_00-728-933_9
local: (319) 65_6-5365
M-F, 8:30am-5:00pm
  Ambitious Fish    Aluminum with bronze arms    $280.00  
  Ambrose (garden tortoise)    Iron or aluminum polychrome    $614.00  
  Anubus Jar    Bronze    $900.00  
  Award    Bronze on wood base    $560.00  
  Axolotle    Bronze    $430.00  
  Baby Gator    Bronze, three piece    $310.00  
  Baby Sea Turtle    Bronze, single    $106.00  
  Baby Sea Turtles    Set of six    $600.00  
  Bad Bunny    Cast iron    $320.00  
  Banana Peel    Bronze    $160.00  
  Bastet Jar    Bronze    $700.00  
  Barking Tree Frog    Bronze    $192.00  
  Baseball Glove    Cast iron    $640.00  
  Baseball Glove    Bronze    $792.00  
  Bathtub toes    Bronze    $304.00  
  Big Scissors    Cast iron    $146.00  
  Bitey Gator    Bronze 2 part    $496.00  
  Bog Turtle    Bronze    $316.00  
  Bonsai Bass    Bronze    $4,500.00  
  Bottle Openers Figurative    Bz, w/door knocker tongue    $94.00  
  Uncle Sam,T.R., W    Bronze polychhrome    $83.00  
  Brain Bookends    Bronze    $416.00  
  Brain Bookends    Cast iron, books not included    $350.00  
  Breakfast of Tyrants    Cast iron & stainless steel    $224.00  
  Bright Guy    Bronze on ash or oak base    $484.00  
  Bright Guy Jr.    Bronze    $176.00  
  Bronze Carrots    Bronze    $220.00  
  Bullfrog    Bronze    $878.00  
  Burden of Love    Cast iron and steel    $622.00  
  Business Angst    Bronze on oak or ash base    $480.00  
  Calf    Bronze    $422.00  
  Can O' Sardines    Aluminum & steel    $176.00  
  Can O' Worms    Cast iron    $384.00  
  Cast Iron Armadillo    Iron or aluminum polychrome    $726.00  
  Cat (licking,lounging or sitting)    Bronze    $192.00  
  City Frog    Bronze    $158.00  
  Clammy Tongue    Bronze    $146.00  
  Close Call (screw arrows)    Bronze and steel    $96.00  
  Cochin Rooster    Bronze    $126.00  
  Colts, reclining or standing    Bronze each    $456.00  
  Contortionist (Charley Horse femur)    Cast Iron    $107.00  
  Corn Grenades    Cast Iron or Bronze    $124.00 or $160.00  
  Crawlolas    Bronze    $242.00  
  Critter Plaques    Bronze    $364.00  
  Crocodile American 48    Iron or aluminum polychrome    $812.00  
  Deco Elephant    Cast Iron    $160.00  
  Diamond-Backed Terrapin    Bronze Ltd Ed.    $878.00  
  Disappearance of Grandma (Iron Rocker)    Cast Iron, unique    $8,000.00  
  Discovery of Toast    Cast Iron    $450.00  
  Dolly Arm Key Fob    Bronze    $80.00  
  Donkey and Elephant Bottle Openers    Bronze    $152.00  
  Dumbbells    Cast iron or bronze    $360.00 or $496.00  
  Egg Man    Bronze on wood base    $436.00  
  Eggessential Angst    Bronze polychrome    $130.00  
  Eternal Hope    Bronze    $400.00  
  Excaliber    Bronze    $222.00  
  Failed Lifeboat    Cast Iron    $192.00  
  Feral Teddy Bear    Cast Iron and steel    $1,120.00  
  Fidosaurus    Bronze    $520.00  
  Fire Bellied Newt    Bronze    $150.00  
  Flattened Fauna Flounder    Aluminum or iron    $198.00  
  Flattened Fauna Flounder with tire track    Aluminum    $206.00  
  Food for Thought    Bronze    $436.00  
  Fool with Gun    Cast iron    $400.00  
  Fox Snake, black, green or redish brown    Bronze    $408.00  
  Milk Snake, Grey Banded King Snake    Polychrome Bronze    $596.00  
  Fried Egg    Bronze and aluminum    $216.00  
  Gargoyle    Bronze with glass eyes    $3,812.00  
  Gargoyle Kittens    Bronze, single    $958.00  
  Gertie    Bronze    $265.00  
  Going to Hell?    Bronze    $880.00  
  Gluttony Monster    Bronze    $364.00  
  Gone West (bought the farm)    Bronze and cast iron    $1,084.00  
  Good Bunny    Cast Iron    $146.00  
  Goose    Bronze    $178.00  
  Guidance    Bronze    $560.00  
  Hardball    Cast iron or bronze    $120 or $144  
  Heavy Feet, pair    Bronze    $560.00  
  Helping Hand (right and left)    Cast iron with lag screw    $192.00  
  History of Western Education    Bronze    $450.00  
  Homo Sapiens Vampirus Skull    Bronze    $750.00  
  Hoptoad, small like a golf ball    Bronze    $96.00  
  Horned Toad    Bronze    $120.00  
  Hunting Accident    Bronze    $336.00  
  Ignoring History    Bz    $416.00  
  Insomnia    Bz    $364.00  
  Jack 'O    Bronze    $5,080.00  
  Kamikaze Plane    Aluminum with screw    $73.00  
  Koi    Cast Iron or aluminum    $66.00  
  Large Toad, BIG BIG HEAVY HEAVY    Bronze or Cast iron    $298 or $218  
  Lawn Dino    Cast iron, 55 pieces    $5,500.00  
  Lawn Dino Skull    Cast iron    $800.00  
  Loon    Bronze    $706.00  
  Mama Gator, Ltd Ed    Bronze three piece    $1,188.00  
  Mama Gator , Ltd ed    Cast iron or polychrome alum    $960.00  
  Max Ear (with or without ants)    Bronze    $96.00  
  Melting Light Bulb    Aluminum    $200.00  
  Midwest Farm Disaster    Bronze    $564.00  
  Milk Bone    Cast iron or bronze    $64 or $80  
  Missing Link/Lucy    Cast iron    $235.00  
  Missing Link/Lucy    Bz, hollow, w/polished tooth    $382.00  
  MK II No. 2 'Gator    Cast iron or aluminum    $1,280.00  
  Morning Star    Bronze    $454.00  
  Mr. Toad    Bronze    $294.00  
  New Guinea Belle    Bronze    $640.00  
  Nile Crocodile, Ltd ed    Bronze    $3,828.00  
  Non-Soft Ball    Bronze or cast iron    $160 or $128  
  Not Even Close (Carrot dart board)    Aluminum and bronze    $880.00  
  Octopational Hazard    Cast iron    $392.00  
  Ow! Gosh It Bit Me!    bronze    364  
  Paint Brushs, 1 1/2,1 AND 1/2    Bronze    $168,$112, and $80  
  Paint Brushs, 3 and 4    Bronze    $192 and $240  
  Painted turtle (walk turtle)    Bronze    $126.00  
  Parabellum    Cast iron and bronze    $484.00  
  Past Bedtime    Bronze    $2,420.00  
  Peepers (post-industrial chicks)    Bronze    $224.00  
  Pickle Key Fob    small and tiny Bronze gerkins    $80 & $72  
  Pig    Bronze    $344.00  
  Pigasus    Bronze    $330.00  
  Plane Crash Dart Board    Aluminum    $710.00  
  Plane Fish    Bronze    $1,280.00  
  Playful Foxes    Bronze, pair or single    $792 or $396 ea  
  Post-Industrial Trout    Cast iron on wood base    $398.00  
  Post-Industrial Trout    Bronze on wood base    $480.00  
  Pueblo Huevo    Cast iron    $2,860.00  
  Pursuit of Happiness    Bronze    $600.00  
  Puzzle Vessel    Bronze    $1,875.00  
  Rabbit    Bronze    $192.00  
  Railroad Bill, post-industrial chicken    Bronze    $2,600.00  
  Red-Breasted Mergansers    Bronze    $908.00  
  Remember the Maine?    Cast iron    $141.00  
  Rubarb Obloid    Bronze    $2,078.00  
  Running Horse    Bronze    $2,158.00  
  Salamander    Bronze    $152.00  
  Saluki    Bronze    $498.00  
  Sashweight Trout    Cast iron    $138.00  
  Saw-Whet Owl    bronze    $1,552.00  
  See No Evil…    Bronze set of three    $766.00  
  Setting Hen    Bronze    $130.00  
  Shark    Aluminum    $280.00  
  Sharp Cookie (Misfortune Cookie)    Cast Iron    $80.00  
  Shrunken Man's Body Found in Own Hat    Bronze    $480.00  
  Sittin' Egg    Bronze    $178.00  
  Skeleton Hand    Bronze    $160.00  
  Skeleton Hand    Bronze, screw in    $176.00  
  Skeleton Hand    Bronze on wood base    $192.00  
  Sleeping Cat    Bronze    $192.00  
  Sleeping Fox    Bronze    $280.00  
  Soft-Shell Turtle, Ltd ed    Bronze    $878.00  
  Spiny Lizard    Bronze    $456.00  
  Stealth Flounder    cast iron    $360.00  
  Struggling Entrepreneurs vs. big business    Bronze    $432.00  
  Sumo Eggs    Polychrome Bronze    $334.00  
  Taxi Trout    Cast iron    $308.00  
  Teddy Bear, sittin bear    Cast iron    $152.00  
  Three Piece Armadillo    Bronze    $726.00  
  Throw Back, Ltd ed    Bronze    $5,445.00  
  Thumb Screw    bronze or aluminum    $80 or $72  
  Timmy the Clam    Bronze    $280.00  
  Toast (French, eager eater, Mr. Peanut etc)Cast iron    Cast iron    $80.00  
  Toastal Trout    Cast iron or bronze    $398 or $462  
  Toodles (large snapping turtle) Ltd Ed    Bronze or cast iron    $1914 or $1354  
  Trained Trout    Cast iron and aluminum    $400.00  
  Transcendental Trout    Aluminum    $176.00  
  Tree Frog    Bronze    $126.00  
  Trench Cleaver    Cast iron    $160.00  
  Trench Trout    Cast iron    $222.00  
  Triumph of Electricity    Bronze    $302.00  
  Twin Lizards    Bronze    $297.00  
  Unnatural Ax    Cast iron    $1,278.00  
  Washing Kitten    Bronze    $192.00  
  Well-Dressed Paleontologist, the    Bronze    $480.00  
  Whole Banana    Bronze    $168.00  
  Winged Eggs    Bronze    $227.00  
  Winged Victory    Bronze    $360.00  
  Wrench Eagle    Aluminum    $924.00  
  Wrench Hawk    Aluminum    $480.00  
  Work Gloves    Cast iron    $193.00  
  Young Einstein    Bronze    $240.00  
  Zipper Fish    Aluminum    $138.00  
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