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Max-Cast, Inc.
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Kalona, Iowa 52247

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The core of a sand mold. The finished product will be a tree in relief.
Sand Molding

Sand molding is an alternative to "lost wax" casting. Replication depends on a reusable pattern rather than a rubber mold. Instead of creating a wax pattern--which entails "investing" it in a refractory mold and burning it out to create the mold cavity--the pattern is used over and over and is pulled out of the sand mold.

Simple sand molds are two-piece affairs, but they can be far more complex. A gating system to introduce metal into the mold cavity as well as vents to let gases escape are a vital part of any molding system. The parts of the mold are firmly joined by clamps and wedges.

Sand molding is more direct than lost-wax molding, which requires the creation and destruction of a wax pattern (hence the name). Depending upon the degree of detail desired, however, lost wax may be more appropriate. The rubber mold which forms the wax patterns can also be saved for years, and many castings can thus be created.

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